Client Testimonials

We were very pleased with the service Audra provided us from the beginning to the end of our sale. She was very thorough and kept us informed throughout the process. Audra was readily available at all times. Her reassurance made this transition a smooth process. I would highly recommend her to anyone for their real estate needs. They will not be disappointed.

- Gary Knoller and Jody Jaffe

Audra's enthusiasm and expertise is beyond compare! Being first-time home buyers, Audra was the best we could have hoped for. She is very knowledgeable and timely with all her responses. From the first casual meeting to go over the process with us to being there at our closing, she was with us every step of the way. By making the process easy and not forcing a 'timeline' on us, Audra provided excellent service. Whether it was providing recommendations during inspections, recommending a great lender or taking the time to listen during our search, the process was seamless. It was a pleasure working with Audra!

- Steve Angelo

Audra and her team made our experience extremely simple. Everything from A-Z was covered. She made recommendations before listing to make the property more appealing to potential buyers which helped get the property prepared quickly. Audra provides a high level of professionalism and it especially shines through in all of the marketing materials.

- Robbie and Justine Fisher

I met Audra Panik when she was hosting an open house in my neighborhood. My boyfriend and I were starting to look at homes but hadn't made any real moves besides a few open houses and perusing websites. Audra mentioned she could casually meet with us to talk more about the home buying process. So, we did and it was really helpful so we decided to go with her as our realtor. She was always there to answer questions and give advice. She gave her opinion but also wasn't too pushy. We actually had our very first offer accepted and the whole process was very smooth from searching to making an offer to being under contract and finally at the closing table. If you are a serious home buyer, go to Audra! She knows how to get things done right!

- Kathryn Bridge

I have never worked with a Realtor but Audra came highly recommended as someone who knew her 'stuff' and was at the top of her game. I fully agree with those statements. Audra had a set goal and time line for me and she met both. As a senior citizen working by myself I did the best I could to prepare my house for sale. When I was one day short of meeting the deadline set for staging Audra not only painted a wall for me but she brought in her husband to do heavy lifting. She held my hand through the entire process and I came out of it with a big smile on my face. She always answered my calls with my many questions. She talked me through the legal documents and taught me how to sign papers electronically. She and I didn't agree on a selling price but the price she thought I would get was 'spot' on and the price I wanted I didn't get. She was right--I was wrong and I admit that. Most importantly, perhaps, is that Audra works with a team of professionals who also pitch in to do a final cleaning, a walk-around the property with suggestions and then finally staging which just perked up a beautiful but empty house. The process of selling my house could have turned me into a basket case. Yet, because of Audra's knowledge and ability to walk me through everything, including closing, I came out of the process sane. I would recommend Audra in a heartbeat. I appreciate bright, knowledgeable women. Man or woman in this business makes no difference. Go with the ones who have the most knowledge and who will work with you from start to finish. Working with Audra was one of the smartest decisions I have made in a long time.

- Diane Maloy

Audra was amazing! She accommodated my schedule and needs. Audra explained the market and encouraged me to stay focused and continue looking even when I was ready to give up. She exceeded my expectations and genuinely cared about me and my goal. Audra really became a good friend and adviser throughout the process. She provided the best customer service, flexible hours, drove across the city and answered every question. Working with her definitely made the process easier. Audra is great at her job; she explained all the deadlines and forms. She made me feel important, valued and treated me very well. I worked with another agent when I started the process and she made me feel as if I was a bother. That never occurred with Audra. I was just as important as her other clients regardless of my budget. Overall great experience and I would completely recommend using Audra!

- Rose Caro

My overall experience with Audra was definitely a 10! Audra was great about heading off any concerns or questions for us—those we were aware of and many we would not have thought of without her. She was so very proactive in keeping us informed about the process. Our goal was to sell and close as quickly as possible. Audra helped us price it right without having to spend a lot of time and money getting it ready for market. Five offers later, we sold the house in record time for well over the amount we were hoping for. Audra took care of everything but more especially did a great job of representing us as the sellers both in preparing the home for market and then negotiating the multiple offers that came in. People mistakenly assume that a “seller’s” market, as Colorado is now enjoying makes a realtor’s job so easy. That is not always the case and when multiple offers come in, it takes a professional to help you navigate through to make the wisest choices. Audra was that person and made objective observations and recommendations to us all the way through to the closing table. I would absolutely recommend Audra!

- Deborah Purcell

Audra was so helpful and supportive from start to finish. Being new home owners we were a little overwhelmed to start the process. But Audra was great about educating us on the market, and walking us through each part of the process. We also felt like she went above and beyond to make sure we were getting all of our needs met with the house. Buying a house can be stressful having a Realtor you can trust throughout the process was a huge benefit. Audra did a great job setting up the showings and keeping us up to date when we were under contract. The process of signing all the paperwork was very easy being all digital.

- Jason and Alex Phillips

Audra is an extremely special agent. She is not only incredibly knowledgeable and caring, but also uncharacteristically responsive. While we waited [at times] days for other agents to respond, Audra always kept me in the know and kept things moving with some of the less motivated agents out there. Additionally, she does put a great product out there (staging, marketing, etc.). If you are looking for an agent that is just 'on top' of things, Audra should be at the top of the list.

- Eric Garber

Audra is a very qualified agent who knows the real estate business in all of its facets. She also is committed to her client's best interest and forms personal relationship that both make her enjoyable to work with and also improve her ability to perform professionally. I am glad that she represented me in my search for a home and I would gladly recommend her to others in need of a competent, committed, and energetic agent.

- Nathan Kamins